Lenovo, Motorola owns, launches Vibe Z2 , a mobile for selfies

Vibe Z2

Even still owns motorola, the giant Lenovo is betting on its own line, and now the Vibe launches Z2 an android lovers configured to selfie.

The Z2 has a rear chamber 13 megs, but the front, that of selfies is 8 megabytes, which is quite surprising. It has a 64-bit quad-core (Qualcomm), 32 gigs of storage, 5.5-inch screen with 720p, about 8 mm thick, dual SIM, 3,000 mAh battery and a price of $ 429, launching in China in October. The screen has 600nit, which makes it one of the brightest displays on the market for viewing and ultra crisp photos, videos even under sunlight.

The mobile market Lenovo is concentrated in Asia and Eastern Europe, Lenovos are not in other countries, why no plans to have this new device in our stores in the near future.

Next to Z2 has also submitted the X2, more compact, with a wide angle front camera of 5 mega, four colors and priced at $ 399. Present it as the first smartphone design in three layers. Above discussed attachments:

[…] The VIBE XTensions work perfectly with the VIBE X2: X2 Battery VIBE and VIBE X2 speaker, adding a fourth layer multilayer design VIBE X2 which increases battery life and increases the power of sound. X2 Ultra Slim Battery (5.1 mm) does double duty: protect the phone and increase battery life up to 75% so the use of the device can last all day without having to charge it. Moreover, the X2 Speaker helps amplify the sound of the phone when we are listening to music or watching a movie, also includes special support for use with handsfree and microphone to make calls to groups.

Since Google Motorola sold to Lenovo, many movements have hoped that the company will make in this area, although it seems that in this case is a side game, I doubt they want to forget the Motorola brand on their mobile devices.