LinkedIn adds new tools to provide greater control over data to users

linkedin user control

In order to improve the security and privacy of our user accounts on the professional social network LinkedIn, this platform has just introduced three tools aimed at this goal, so that users can now have more control over the information that we are available on this social platform.

The first of these tools allows us to understand and manage the devices from which we have agreed to our accounts on LinkedIn, so we can know what and Log if we have forgotten close from some of them, either a computer public access computer any friend or your mobile device, among other possibilities. To do this, we must go to the settings and then go to the option that allows us to see where we logged .

The second tool allows you to download all the information on our user accounts, including updates, activities, IP logs, searches performed, and more. We just go to the page data export for a copy of our information in our possession.

Finally, LinkedIn says that to improve surveillance of our passwords, have included a set of information in the emails you sent when seproducen related to account security, such as password changes, offering greater clarity as regards changes when and where changes occur carried out, including date and time, device, operating system, web browser, IP address, and approximate physical location.

LinkedIn ending that is in the process of implementation of these three new tools worldwide, inviting us to take a look at the first two paragraph visiting our accounts setup, where we can take the chance to check the other settings of our accounts and to update them