Twitter CEO says the reason for random favorites include timelines


Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter, has already shown through a tweet the main reason for which you want to offer Twitter users tweets at random in their chronological line (belonging to the favorite tweets of other users and popular who does not follow ), a move that has angered some users and that can mean part of a new strategy for Twitter, which serve more as a last resort rather than a main feature.

To make it clearer, it should be noted that users, when they log into Twitter should start to follow other users to meet new tweets in their timelines, but depending on the number of users that can still be the If you do not have anything to display.

Precisely, the new strategy could focus on this case, serving as motivation to pursue new accounts that otherwise would not have found. Twitter already has the Discover tab, which allows users discover new content from other users who might be of use, but for the time being the use given to this feature even know if there will be any relation to the new form to show “random” content.

In any case, we can only wait to see how they carry out this initiative. Have acceptance among users will analyze and decide whether to keep or not.