Motorola News: New Moto X and G, the moto 360 and Moto Hint

Smart watches, new motorola X and G and intelligent headset. Today was a great day for motorola, and here is a summary of what we presented to you:

Moto 360

moto 360
The expected motorola watch with 1.5 inch LCD screen, resolution of 320 × 290 pixels, 205 dpi, OLED screen constantly active low consumption, TI OMAPTM 3 processor 512MB of RAM, 4GB of space and excellent design, although very large area for my taste.

Use Android Wear, so their features are limited to the Windows operating system, although in this case include pedometer and heart rate meter. Its value is EUR 249 and will be sold from October.

New Moto X

moto X

The Moto X (2014) is presented with a SoC processor. Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 Quad-Core Krait CPU 400 2.5GHz, 2GB of RAM, 16 or 32GB of storage, 5.2-inch screen (Full HD AMOLED 423 ppi), 13 meg camera, 4 microphones. . one high end android which includes voice control to interact with the applications installed there, finished with polycarbonate, leather and wood and a price of 499 euros from 1 October in Spain.

New Moto G

Moto G

The phone that revolutionized the market with the best quality / price ratio now has a successor. G The bike has 5-inch screen (not 4.5), 720p, quad-core processor, 8 and 16 space gigas, support micro-sd, 2 meg front camera (not 1.3), 8 meg rear ( not 5), two front speakers … but still can not access 4G.

As you see, the size increases, improved camera and sound and provides micro-sd, but there is no dramatic improvement. The price will remain revolutionary, selling for $ 180 in the United States.

Moto Hint

Moto hint

They have also submitted a bluetooth headset to control the moto X, a device that is inserted into the cartilage and is hidden so it is hard to see. It allows us to answer and make calls, of course, but also activate various functions of Moto X, like listening to the traffic information or receive information from Google Now. To activate just have to say aloud: “Listen up Moto Hint”, leaving him listening position.

For hundreds of real ears design were scanned and optimized so that they can be adjusted to each user (at least for the five most common in the world ear).

For now only be available in the United States at a cost of $ 150, although they are already planning to go to other markets shortly.

You see, a big day for Motorola.