A blue dinosaur help us set up our Facebook privacy

facebook privacy setting

Facebook social network has been commonly criticized for the complexity of its privacy settings, which prevents users with less knowledge on the subject can optimally adjust the privacy of your account. The company founded by Mark Zuckerberg has shown listen to their users, and in recent times has updated the way we adjust the privacy of our accounts trying to facilitate the process. This time they have launched a new assistantwho, accompanied by a small blue dinosaur, we provide the privacy settings of our own in three simple and quick steps .

In Facebook announced to be working on this wizard several months. Now, the option is now available to all users of the social network, so we can configure the main settings relating to the privacy of our own in less than a minute. Throughout the three steps are there the wizard, you can adjust who sees our publications, which applications have access to our own (plus you can delete applications without exiting the wizard), and set who can view the information shown in our profile .To access the settings, you will only have to click the option to “Shortcuts Privacy” , located in the upper right corner of the screen. From there, you can access this new feature by clicking on “Checking the privacy” . With the idea that the process of configuring these settings seem very simple and friendly into something we will have with us at all times a small blue dinosaur with the company intended to identify these settings.

We imagine that in order to maintain the extreme simplicity of the whole process within the wizard does all the privacy settings could be configured from the traditional menu are included. However, you can configure our privacy more than enough for most users of the social network mode.