Fossil collaborate with Intel in the development of a future ‘wearable’


Intel continues to reach agreements with other companies in order to engage in the development of new devices. According Recode , Intel CEO, Brian Krzanich, have reported that the company has reached an agreement with Fossil Group-a company responsible for the manufacture of watches and other fashion-accessories in order to begin work on a device wearable .

Although a large number of companies such as Asus, Samsung and Motorola, are concentrated in the development of their own products, companies like Intel appear to prefer to collaborate with other companies that have extensive experience in their fields. Thanks to the agreement, Intel is responsible for providing the electronic elements of this future product while Fossil bring all his experience in the sector. Though at no time discussed that are involved in the development of a smart watch, it seems that is most likely. As they have stated from Intel, think that they always do best when they collaborate with other companies. Previously, this major company has collaborated with other companies. In fact, recently began working with SMS Audio-the consumer electronics company Cent- rapper 50 with the aim of creating a smart headphones capable of measuring heart rate. They have also reached agreements with other companies in the fashion world to develop intelligent bracelets.

No doubt an agreement will benefit both companies, since, first, Intel will have extensive experience in the world of Fossil watches, while the latter may enter a market devices wearable hand a giant like Intel.