Motorola has sold all units of its Moto 360

moto 360

As you can see below, Motorola has announced on its official Twitter account that all units of its new Moto 360 have been exhausted.

Actually, the news has not caught us by surprise, and is the Motorola smartwatch had created a huge buzz , especially when you consider that it is one of the few to move away from the typical design of smart watches to get closer to classic and elegant design of a traditional wrist watch. Despite this, all units are exhausted in a few hours no less a figure all the more surprising. Yet the company has not confirmed how many units had available, so without this data, demand actual product can not be confirmed . Not only is exhausted on the official website of Motorola, but is also sold in other places where it is marketed, for example, in Google’s own Play.

For now, no new units available, but since Motorola inform all stakeholders by email as soon as the product becomes available. remember that in Spain we can buy this product when it is released during the first week of next October.