Updates and new Android Wear Motorola, Asus, LG and Sony

android wear

Android Wear continues to grow, the version of Android specialized wearables including bracelets and smartwatches. We have seen its first implementations in smart watches LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live that went on sale earlier this year for developers to become familiar with them and adapt their apps, but now the platform has gotten a major boost both its quality and the number of devices using it as an operating system.

On the software side, Wear now supports offline playback and GPS devices. The first feature is related to the use of the watch to listen music even without a smartphone around, just the internal memory clock and good bluetooth headset to continue enjoying our favorite albums through it; The GPS means that Android Wear now wearables make it easier to record our distances and speeds reached in exercise routines, plus good uses third-party apps could benefit by having our locations.

Another important development is the inclusion of watchfaces screens with visual styles that the Pebble watch popular, with the ability to download via Google Play in the weeks after the developers have enough material to start working software in their creations. Also speaking of the new range of Android Wear smart watches that have emerged with the support of manufacturers like Motorola, Asus, LG and Sony:

  • Moto 360 , the first smartwatch with a circular screen. Now available in USA.
  • Asus Zen Watch , a brand new watch with leather strap and a bio sensor to record our physical activity and levels of relaxation during the day. Soon to be sold through its distributors
  • LG G Watch R , another circular screen that allows, among other things, register our heartbeat. It will be on sale later this year.
  • Sony SmartWatch 3 , with a transflective screen that makes for easy reading even in sunlight possible. Also at the end of the year will be in stores.

The rest are references to the launch of more devices in the coming months as well as updates on the performance of Android Wear. By the way, do not be too strongly emphasized that Google says the approach that gives the Wear and facilitate the work of users and their communication with others, “build devices that people can use when you need them and forget about its existence when no “.

More information: Official Google Blog