Braintree(Paypal Unit), pay with bitcoins allow shortly


eBay bought Braintree  in 2013, a company that describes itself as “a paypal company ” integrating its payment system to the ubiquitous paypal (also from ebay). Since then we have followed his movements closely, and now announced that in the coming months will allow paypal payments with bitcoins.

Bill Ready, CEO of the company announced changes in the TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco, but did not specify the release date of this new possibility.

To enable adopt bitcoin as payment, paypal will be associated with Coinbase, accounts that integrate with Braintree to make sending money using this virtual currency. Currently the platform is still working on such a complex integration, and only see results in the coming months, as discussed in techcrunch .

We saw how they are betting on payments with a click , to avoid the use of usernames and passwords, now want to integrate bitcoins, the SDK from Braintree accepts paypal without problems … it is clear that about a revolution in online payment systems, and The bitcoin will be one of the protagonists of this movement.