Flipboard now has Ultravisual talent team


Flipboard wants to continue an effort to offer the best possible viewing experience for its users, now taking with them their own facilities in New York Ultravisual team , which is an iPhone application that offers an elegantly visual relationship of different types of creative inspirations. This, Flipboard will in their offices with the talent of the new equipment, which have been “impressed” with his “approach information design, engineering and visually stunning pixel perfect interfaces”, although not indicated in those projects which will start working, nor any information about the details of the agreement are offered.

What I reported is the immediate future of Ultravisual, noting that it will be offered for another six months but under the direction of Technicolor, the company that has supported their efforts. Ultravisual team will continue to support their community during the transition. Meanwhile, the team noted in its publication Ultravisual on Tumblr that within Flipboard will work to foster new ways in which users select, create and share their unique perspectives with the world through the amazing Flipboard platform.

Clearly the success of Flipbord is in visual form in offering content, and the acquisition of new talent, strengthen this area to go even further to where it can be possible to maintain and improve their reputation in this sense.