Apple announced two models of iPhone 6, normal and Plus version


Has already begun the expected Apple event at the Flint Center auditorium, a very special place by the company itself, as it was there where he presented his first original Mac in 1984, and its first iMac in 1998 The truth is that both Tim Cook and Phil Schiller have gone straight to the point by presenting the evolution of the iPhone, the iPhone 6, of which there are two versions, the regular version and the Plus version. The first screen has a 4.7 “low resolution 1334 x 750 pixels and the second 5.5” with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels (FullHD).

In such event is also highlighting the pixel density of the new models compared to the iPhone 5s, and besides, it also highlights the fact that they are thinner. IPhone 6 Plus display is also features in landscape mode, which will allow users to see more content on the applications they are using, for example, the email application.

Other aspects of both models are that the glass screen now bend in the body, considering that previous models had square edges, and both also features the new Apple A8 processor, 64-bit , highlighting a 25% faster processing compared to the previous version, the A7. The graphic rendering also increases by 50%. A more detail, and is now the off button is located on the side, not the front, as we knew from previous models.

The inclusion of the altitude sensor, support for 802.11ac WiFi networks, and improvements of the camera with respect to focus and noise reduction, allowing Panning up to 43 megs and recordings in 1080 and in slow-motion, and where the iPhone 6 Plus camera  features a digital optical and not as the normal version stabilizer, among other improvements, are other features of these new models

We see that the leaks have been occurring in recent weeks have been giving the spot, which many of the things that have shown these new terminals and knew because those same leaks images and features.


They will begin accepting orders from Friday, and prices started at $ 199 for a two-year € 699from September 26.