Apple introduced Smart Watch

apple smartwatch

Given the thrust of the wearable devices ( wearables ), Apple was not going to be less and, like many other companies, and has its own smart watch, which has sought to give a very personal approach, and it’s no wonder. Apple Smart watchis intended to be used for different areas, from guide to help users to go to the physical locations in which they are interested by using maps to track sports activities, existing in this field two Applications: Fitness and Workout.

Other functions of Apple smart watch are able to control the Apple TV, the use of the personal assistant Siri, so you can dictate questions to provide answers at the time, and even the ability to make mobile payments.

But let’s get down to business, and look the look of it, as it will be available in two sizes and through three different lines: Apple Watch , Sport Watch Apple and 18k gold Edition Apple Watch . If there is a physical aspect that can differential Apple smart watch with respect to other digital watches on the market or about to I be pregnant is using what they call digital crown, which increases the interaction allowing for example navigation lists or use of zooms over the images, and that adds to the interactions that can be performed via touch screen.

This new device is square aspect, has six straps of different colors, and its screen is sapphire crystal. The workload are made through the wireless charger with which account.

Introduce with your system, we can say that it has a sort of galaxy of applications to which they can zoom, to select the application you want to run. Also has different customizable home screens.

For notifications, the same clock analyzes interactions with notifications in order to offer the only notifications that might be interested owners. Apple also unveiled the WatchKit, Apple kit for developers to adapt their applications to the notifications.

Regarding prices start from $ 349 for the cheapest version and will be available from 2015, which will give the competition time to put the batteries and add more functionality.And if not, at the time.

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