Microsoft buy Minecraft

microsoft buy minecraft

Yes, it seems that Minecraft will be a project over Microsoft (one huge, when you consider we’re on the third best-selling game in history).

So far nothing but a rumor, although in this case comes from The Wall Street Journal , a medium not known precisely by false rumors.

2 billion dollars would be the price agreed for Microsoft is done with Mojang, the company founded by Markuss Person, creator of the famous game. A similar amount you paid Facebook for Oculus VR, making clear that strong bet on a game, let’s face it: it is much more than a game.

Minecraft is being used by governments and organizations around the world in education, it is used to create regions in digital format, it is used by professionals to show models. the possibilities this platform are so big that executives LEGO have commented publicly that they would have liked to have had the idea before.

Now we just have to wait for confirmation from Mojang, although it appears to be part of Microsoft Game Studios.