Skype 5.4 for iPhone brings audio calls for groups


Skype continues to advance the services offered through their service, bringing the functionality of today’s audio group calls for iPhone devices via version 5.4 of its mobile app.

Skype claims to have been hard at work to bring this functionality to users, allowing them to both make and receive calls audio group with a single click.

To do this, they have included a new call button on the bottom navigation bar, which is available to both existing and for new groups are created. Just press it to make the call, which may include up to four people, an aspect that will improve over time.

Once before the audio call made group, you can see the number of participants in the top bar, but if necessary, the user who made the call, you can remove other users without ending the call . It is also possible to convert any call, either video or voice in an audio call group simply adding participants through the button available for it.

Skype also shows interest in the users continue to contribute ideas, launching his new group of ideas in iOS Skype Community. This and what you plan, may continue working on the release of new features, aiming at improving the experience of Skype on iPhone.

Skype 5.4 is now available through the App Store of Apple iPhone devices under iOS 7.0 or later.