CloudTunes a web project to play music you have in Dropbox


CloudTunes project is available on github that we can install on our web server (either a local server) to create a system of reproducing music store in Dropbox or found in youtube.

Yes, once installed we can link our Dropbox account there for the music saved on an interface that appear sufficiently close to iTunes. It integrates with Facebook and Musicbrainz to discover new themes and get personalized recommendations, as well as sharing in social networks we hear.

In its definition as compared to Spotify, with the difference that the existing music is what we have stored in our Dropbox and use YouTube music videos.

The idea was born in 2012 and has continued to be updated since. It has already installed a public web version to prove, but if you know web projects installed on your computer, does not it take you several minutes to do so.

Only now, in 2014, the code has been released, allowing anyone to improve it and offer it on the website for any visitor.

CloudTunes can group content by albums and artists, has an integrated search engine to find content on youtube, offers the possibility of including album and track our collections, indexes new content dropbox immediately, list management allows dragging and dropping music does not limit the number of songs in each collection … an excellent project that feeds the world opensource musical.


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