SimCity BuildIt Announced: New SimCity for iOS and Android

SimCity BuildIt

It has been announced by Electronic Arts via Twitter the next release of SimCity BuildIt new Sims game for iPad, iPhone, mobile phones and tablets with Android, a product especially designed for those seeking to anywhere out experience this interesting game design , construction and maintenance of virtual cities and citizens tastes and needs close to human.

The message is shared in Forbes where he also speaks of the options that would add to the Sims the touch screen, for example, pinching, give zoom and rotate 360 ° views, but some features that could come with the scenarios also mentioned: sea construction and limited as happens in the PC version, spaces day and night, and power plants that suggest the essence of the game remains, territories ie energize our Sims, build them roads, buildings , areas of development with their fellow citizens, etc., and finally control different variables affecting the city and its inhabitants, which “could make you feel his wrath if you run questionable decisions” -.

The rest are more specific details as smart and automatic among city dwellers interactions, representing in all comments and animations that unfold with a simple zoom. The first catch is also shown in video sources close to Forbes:

Finally, subtract wait to make his appearance in the coming weeks at Play Store and the App Store to see if it outperform their predecessors – “Deluxe” and “FreePlay” – for indeed, EA boasts on the website game that have won the “most advanced building simulation game and mobile.”

More information: Website SimCity BuildIt