Amazon Announces Closing of WebPay, their free service payments between users

amazon webpay

Amazon WebPay is the free service that the e-commerce giant offered up to now, users wishing to send or receive money to other users and can make the whole process from the website Amazon Payments, requiring only the email address of the person they wanted to send the money. Now, Amazon has surprised us by announcing it will no longer offer this service starting next October 13.

Service users will therefore have a month until becomes inoperable, so the company recommends closing all transactions with pending until then . The “Send Money” option that users could see Amazon Payments so far away when users log on from the 13th of next month. On Amazon they have some explanation on the closure of the service, arguing that even though they have learned much about how and when customers want to send and receive money, (knowledge used in the future) have realized that they are not offering a better alternative than the others , which is why they have decided to close it. As clarified in the Amazon FAQ WebPay, the company offers no alternative to this service.

Amazon WebPay was only available in the United States.