For Android and allowed attachments to tasks

AnyDo for Android

We are already accustomed to each update that takes place in many mobile applications for different mobile operating systems, almost always are corrections from those errors have been meeting to date together with improved stability aspects include that the users might not consider simply staying with improvements and modifications for the functional and visual aspects.

However, users who use the application on your Android productivity Any.Do terminals, today will realize that it has added the ability to add attachments to each of the tasks to be taking available.

This possibility comes after the update just launched out through Google Play, coming to version 2.87, allowing use in both smart phones and Android tablets. Users only have to click a new icon symbolizing a clip with a sheet to add the documents they need, subsequently appearing after uploading the same icon with numbering indicating the number of documents that have been incorporated in this task .

This new option was available in other productivity tools like task manager Wunderlist known, but until now was not available in Any.Do. Thus this service going forward in performance demanding users who require other features to make Any.Do a management tool lists more complete tasks. Proof of this are some of the existing comments in its listing on Google Play.

Any.Do is freely available through Google Play for Android phones and tablets.