Facebook updates its application settings page allowing the user more control

fb AppSettings

If you use Facebook, it is probable that more often than we think sign into different applications within the social network. Whether games or applications from restaurants, to use them must authorize access to our personal information. The problem is that once we stop using the application, it is easy to forget to remove access to your data, and you could even say that is not a simple process . For this reason, Facebook has redesigned its Web application settings, in order to make it more intuitive and easy to use for users.

Once you access the application settings page , you will notice the large number ofapps that have access to our information. Thanks to the new design of this section, is easier to know at a glance which applications have access to all of our personal data and may completely delete the application with a single click if deemed necessary . From one place we have access to all data, and can even set if we want a specific app to send us notifications or not. From the control panel of which I speak (which you can see in the picture above), we can also enable or disable the platform to use the Facebook integration in applications or third party websites. It is also easier to control important aspects such as personal information that applications can access our friends , can uncheck or check different boxes depending on your needs. And for those who use Facebook in an older mobile phone and not have the audience selector, you can control the privacy of what you post from those platforms.

There is no doubt that Facebook is being taken very seriously and know that everyone can easily modify the information that third parties have access .Recall that recently, the social network included a new wizard making it easier to configure the typical privacy settings.