It’s official: Microsoft has bought Minecraft For $2.5 B


$2.5 B is what Microsoft has been spent to buy Minecraft, as reported on Twitter and Nadella . Its creator also commented on Mojang blog  (sack there), where indicates that the project will leave after the sale.

Founded in mid-2009 by Markus “Notch” Persson and begins a new era, after 100 million downloads, PC only, being the third best-selling game of all time.

Discussed in Microsoft who believe in the potential of Minecraft, and want to work to reach new players across multiple platforms, with the intention of continuing to do Minecraft available on all platforms – including iOS, Android and PlayStation, Xbox and PC as well.

On his future, commenting:

Our investments in the cloud, Xbox Live and mobile technology allow players to benefit from richer and faster, more powerful development tools, and more opportunities to connect with the community of Minecraft worlds.

MINECON continue next year, and intend to maintain independence in the brand.They promise more news on the subject in the coming weeks.

We leave you with the video of the news: