WhatsApp New filter: It can make and receive voice calls


It seems that with the latest update to WhatsApp, of which I spoke at the end of last week , the foundations of a new feature (which is not yet operational) were placed. Apparently WhatsApp soon offer voice calls .

Although this new functionality has not been included in the description of the latest update, everything seems to indicate that will be operational very soon.‘s voice calls have been disclosed due to a message that appears on the application for iOS if We have disabled access to the microphone WhatsApp our terminal . To check, you can disable the access from Settings – General – Privacy – Microphone – WhatsApp (off) .Once done, if we go back to the messaging application and click on the microphone icon to send a voice message, you will get the message that you can see in the screenshot accompanying this article, which clearly indicates that WhatsApp allows you to make and receive voice calls (which for now is not possible) so no doubt that soon the boys WhatsApp allow app users access to this new feature.

Definitely an interesting move for an application used by over 600 million users worldwide, which could give a new impetus to enter fully into a market such as voice calls. We look for if the company confirms or enable this new feature.