Noyze offers complete control in managing volume on Android devices


It is usually normal for those users who want to go much further in terms of benefits they receive on their Android handsets, should have them rooteados to install applications that require this condition for obvious reasons. Still, applications that try to approach the needs of these users without forcing them to have their rooteados terminals, as is the case of Noyze (often also appear ), a mobile application that gives users complete control over the volume buttons of your own devices, you either add new features or offering a replacement panel if the physical volume buttons are damaged.

It should be noted also that it is not necessary that the devices are rooteados, the free version offers a few simple themes with basic controls, but those who wish to get more out of the application, can opt for the Pro version directly from the same application. Given this, we know that the application has a number of issues, where some of them try to integrate into custom visual environments, existing issues Paranoid Android, Apple iOS and Windows Phone 8 as examples. Each topic has a series of features, from the most basic to the most advanced.

Other aspects of this application is the possibility to assign applications to increase or decrease volume by prolonged or even disabling physical buttons pressure, among others. Activation of Noyze after installation should be performed through the accessibility settings. Noyze also notes some limitations of Android that could affect when taking screenshots, for counseling to see the advanced settings to find a solution, the fact that long only work pressure only while the screens are on, or applications can not adjust the volume above the safety limit.

Noyze is available for Android 4.3 devices through Google Play .