Places a “Dropbox opensource” using end to end encryption to increase the privacy


Places ( ) appears to show an alternative to Dropbox, where encryption provides end to end to share messages and files in a completely private and secure (nor do they have like seeing the content they store on their servers ).

They comment on their website that uses the highest encryption standards available.

In the client-side encryption, an algorithm that combines asymmetric encryption (RSA 2048) and symmetric (AES-248) is used. Therefore, its contents are safely encrypted on the device before it hits the internet.

The project is open source (which will release shortly), and who say that is the only way to ensure that privacy and security is really reliable.

Allows skilled developers to contribute code if necessary and build new services that benefit everyone in the community Places.

The project is free throughout the beta phase. After this phase will charge in exchange for a private storage service that stores content in a full version encrypted.

The alpha version ( for Windows and Mac ), offers 10 gigs free for user files with a maximum of 1 gig each, but only for testing, since the content will be removed phase completed.

TC commented that they are working on versions for mobile and VoIP solutions (for voice call using the application), disclosed while the video here you have: