Skype launches Skype TX, solution to integrate TV and radio

Skype TX

Microsoft announced in April in Las Vegas, a new solution called Skype TX , created to allow radio and television can easily use Skype within the production process, a solution that starts now implemented by three new members: Newtek, Quicklink and Riedel.

The aim is that the producers of programs can connect with Skype users without relying on IT departments or complex videoconferencing solutions. They may contact anyone via Skype communication and display programs in seconds.

Skype will be added in full screen using SDI, always thinking of optimizing the time within the day to day of the stations. The solution includes managing multiple calls, multiple calls simultaneously on a single interface, still image when the video is not available, monitoring call quality … fundamental to ensure good communication resources when millions of people are watching it on TV or listening to the radio.

They have launched the web showing the evolution of this new solution, which is being presented at this time in Amsterdam to show the possibilities in these traditional communication channels.