Submission of Windows 9: Next September 30

Microsoft Windows 9

Replacement of Windows 8.1, Windows 9 will make its first official appearance on 30 September in a special event to be held in San Francisco. So give notice on The Verge where they mentioned sending invitations to various media with the picture accompanying this article, an ad more than clear on the approach to take the meeting: the future of Windows in businesses and advanced users of Windows, in particularly for certainly the first to have access to early versions of development (Developers Preview ).

We have seen screenshots and videos of Windows 9x on an alleged leak that ran web last week the world, and several of the details shown attest to the positive achievements that include the new operating system Microsoft: Virtual Desktops type Android, Linux, Mac OS X, etc. -all but Windows-, removing enchantments unintuitive bar right side, most system applications adapted to the flat interface and improved Windows Start menu, the most important of all changes …

Of course, there are many who have had several headaches trying to manage the display tile applications ( Windows Tiles ) who came to popularize Windows 8 but replacing the classic Start menu, arrested more than one in your wishes to continue killing in understanding it. Well, as seen in the videos, the button and the menu would return with all its splendor, combined with small tables have been occupying applications.

Finally, subtract expect the news of this important day to see if you receive confirmation that much, if not why not leave us speechless with Microsoft occasional extra surprise beginning with a free Windows perhaps

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