Facebook Media, a project to see how they use Facebook celebrities and brands your social network

facebook media

Facebook today introduced media.fb.com , a project created to help companies and publishers using its platform, focusing on public figures, organizations and media companies.

The goal is to teach tricks to know that public figures filter entries and manage their pages, see examples on how to integrate TV content on a social network, showcase best practices when sharing links and other content, explain how incorporate messages, see great examples of pages of news, sports, entertainment, television, politics and NGOs, submit a support section with such basic questions as “How I can create a page?” or as specific as “How I can check my profile “… a portal that wants to transform the way Facebook helps you connect audiences with specific profiles.

In the ad we have read as Nick Grudin, responsible for the initiative, said some cases, such as Shakira, which reached 100 million “likes” on Facebook, and use it to mark the importance of using the social network to manage own fame. The same sets out the main objectives:

Share videos on Facebook to reach their audiences with auto-play video using metrics, share links and content on your page by adding the appropriate buttons, integrating social content to connect with their audience TV Facebook […]

A new place, though he focused on public figures, it sure has a lot of advice that we can use in our day to day in managing our brand in this social network.