Google introduces new version of “My Maps”

Google My Maps New version

Google has just introduced the new version of ” My Maps “in Google Maps, a tool that will allow users to create their own custom maps, which may add pictures, descriptions, custom icons, and details of places for same way.

Once you have created your own maps, they can share publicly, can inspire others, among other examples, to develop their future vacation, but it is also possible to share these maps with specific users, or keep them completely private . The availability of a gallery shared publicly custom maps allow users to access maps of all kinds.

Google takes this opportunity to recommend the use of the application “My Maps” in Android, allowing users to view their own maps and can create changes in them over time, for example, changing their vacation plans new proposals can also view maps created and publicly shared by other users.

He adds a warning for those users who already contasen with their own custom maps with the classic “My Maps” that today can update all of its contents to the new “My Maps”, enabling them to enjoy new options such as the ability to import spreadsheets, include images and YouTube videos and arranging locations and routes as they wish.In any case, at the end of this year, all maps created by Google Maps classic will be automatically updated to the new “My Maps”.