Microsoft starts supporting Android Wear watches on your OneNote Service

OneNote-for AndroidWear

The emergence of intelligent watches has not gone unnoticed by Microsoft, who wanted to exploit this fact to convert these devices into productivity tools. It is for this reason that one of the ads that has been conducted on this day was the announcement of the launch of the application OneNote for smart watches under Android Wear, with which, users, once they would have installed, they can begin to dictate their notes.

Wear OneNote for Android is available for free via Google Play, although in the same record states that require the use of OneNote for Android installed on an Android device from version 4.3 onwards. With the launch of OneNote for Android Wear, Microsoft is going toward the goal of allowing users the ability to capture ideas and information through new and innovative ways.

On the other hand, for iOS 8 has launched a new extension that allows users to obtain cuts from the web, allowing save the contents to be found in the locations of choice via Safari, so it requires to enable this extension previously.

In addition, for Windows Phone, stated in another announcement that the new Office update Lens converts the photographic capture documents in Word documents fully editable, and also convert PowerPoint graphs capture files, also fully editable.