“Moments”, new Facebook app to privately share content

facebook moments

It is no secret that even worse than distrust generated by the management of user data from Facebook is trying to manage privacy options change places each month. In fact, though increasingly try to make life easier for most users regarding their account settings, yet is not so trivial when modifying permissions to control who can access the content they share and who does not , which for the users is a dynamic requirement, which changes each time you create content.

Well, as reported in TechCrunch, a new Facebook would attempt to reach smartphones hundreds of millions of users. His code name is “Moments” which, in the form of app, would make things easier when it comes to sharing photos, videos and other multimedia usual. The idea would be to make use of “Moments” due to mark the known specific “friends” and family, but is that groups of them, who would be allowed to check out certain content.

According to the TC that has been able to get access to the app, or at least view, his appearance would have a striking resemblance to Cluster (see screenshot), an application for iOS and Android by generating “spaces” to manage content separately, intelligent and intuitive way, people will be allowed to enter each room to enjoy what is shown there.

It remains, if Facebook launches “Moments” with all the law is perhaps just a project-, knowing how you would integrate its mobile application or if you would like a standalone application. We hope that this new attempt then yes get better results, especially in the vast majority of users.

More information: Article at TechCrunch