Stencyl, create games For mobile , Mac and Windows, without programming





We speak of Stencyl ( ) in 2011, three years ago, as a good tool we can use to create games with the classic drag and drop components, having evolved enough to encompass the mobile world.

We can, with this platform to create games for iPhone, iPad, Android, Flash, Windows and Mac without program anything, you only need to select what you want to include and define their behavior, allowing results, although they are not very sophisticated, they can be entertaining and addictive.

The free version allows the publication of results in web, being necessary to reach pay phones and desks.

Many tutorials in Stencyl to help work with the system easily, even we stencylpedia , with courses and resources that can be used even in the classroom.


The platform is very intuitive, as you can see in the above screenshot, but you can also create events using complex programming logic:


As you see, it’s a good resource that we can use to teach some basic programming concepts. A program launched its first release in May 2011, programmed in Java, ActionScript 3, Objective-C and C ++ although Haxe changed after version 3.0.