AirVR turn your iPad mini or iPhone 6 Plus in virtual reality Headset


Today we are struck a curious device that lets you convert your iPad mini or your future iPhone 6 Plus in virtual reality glasses , similar to Rift Oculus we all know.Developers AirVR, the name by which it is known to the device, are seeking funding through a Kickstarter campaign. For now, have managed more than $ 3,500 of the 20,000 needed to give life to the project, in the absence of 29 days for complete the campaign.

By AirVR attempt to bring the world of virtual reality to all possible audiences, and ensuring that today is a somewhat distant for most world , considering especially its high price. For this reason, they have decided to employ a so common devices like the iPad and iPhone, which have a large number of users worldwide. ‘s AirVR is a kind of shell, into which we will put our iPad or iPhone 6 Plus . Once done, we will place the device on the head (with a most peculiar result) to begin to experience virtual reality. This device frees connections our iPad or iPhone, so you can, for example, using headphones at the same time he is placed in the housing. In addition, only weighs 190 grams in the iPad version and 150 grams in the iPhone version. Their developers are aware of the interest that could generate a device of this kind, so they have said they are working on prototypes for other Android devices as well as Microsoft’s Surface.

Those who assist in the Kickstarter campaign with $ 49, will receive a unit in their homes throughout the month of December. For the rest, it is expected that the AirVR (iPad version) and AirVR + (iPhone version 6 Plus) is available for purchase online during 2015.

We leave you with the video of the project:

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