Amazon officially introduced fifth generation Kindle and new Kindle Voyage


Yesterday we gave you to know a number of rumors that predicted the imminent launch of a new high-end Kindle in just days. Finally, these rumors have come true, as the Amazon itself has announced two new Kindle models that will be launched during this year .

The first is the fifth-generation Kindle , which comes to replace the popular Kindle 4, the cheapest model of the company. This device, despite its low price (will be sold for 79 €, like the previous model) will have a touch screen 6 inches (previously reserved for top models) , a density of 167ppp technology optimized sources and 16 gray scales, which offer quality and sharpness of the text even more. Like the previous model, the screen does not have integrated light feature that is still reserved for the top models . The ability of it has been folded, so that it now offers 4GB of storage. Rumors predicted that Kindle would have a new technology capable of detecting the change of page despite having no physical buttons, have come true.This technology, which is called “PagePress” will be available in the model’s Amazon basics, allowing to detect that we turn the page but do not press a physical button, thanks to its lateral sensors . Moreover, thanks to its new processor (20% more powerful than the previous) can move faster pages.Undoubtedly, the main novelty of this new device is the inclusion of the touch screen, plus a new design .

In addition, Amazon has unveiled its new flagship, the Kindle Voyage (“trip” in French) . This device is placed in the high end of the company, becoming the most expensive model of every Kindle sold today, as it can be purchased from $ 199 onwards (depending on whether it is the model with WiFi or WiFi + 3G). Voyage The Kindle will have a new 300ppi screen, so it will provide an excellent quality . In addition, Amazon says it is made ​​from the finest Kindle so far as only has 7.6mm thick. The battery is definitely one of the strengths of this model as it will offer a range of up to 6 weeks . Of course, the Kindle Voyage also feature the “PagePress” technology, responsible for changing the pages without physical buttons. In addition, one of its most exciting new features is that l to screen brightness can be adjusted automatically by the device , as it now has a sensor that intelligently choose the perfect brightness at all times. But not only that, but if we move from one room to another bright to dark, the brightness will gradually adjust, to accustom the eye.

The 5th generation Kindle will be available in Spain on October 2, whereas the Kindle Voyage so far only its release date is known in the United States, which will be on October 21.