Box launches new version of iOS with support for iOS 8extensions and applications

box iOS 8

The specialist in storage and file management in Box cloud service has also used launch iOS 8  new version of its mobile application for this platform. In this case, Box tries to take advantage of another feature of iOS 8, the possibility that applications can interoperate with each other. It is for this reason that have released their new version to support both iOS 8 as extensions of applications.

Box is considered a major milestone for openness and interoperability, allowing among other things, that users can access content in Box from any other application that also supports interoperability between applications, such as iWork and other productivity solutions where also can share them via a communication application.Given this possibility, it opens the way for the transformation of the productivity and collaboration of individuals, businesses and industries, as noted in its announcement Box .

At this point, we should clarify that applications wishing to be interoperable with each other, must have support for Document Picker, the development framework that precisely allows the sharing of documents between applications.

Box ends his ad that are working right at the beginning of the change in the post-PC technology, with many more years of innovation in the future, pointing to what Apple has filed in this day is crucial to the health and success this transition.

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