Dacloud a VPN system with 15 servers in several countries

VPN services are many, and today we are going to detail how to have one that is growing significantly in recent months.

It is dacloud.me service that allows you to connect to any of the 15 servers that have spread across several countries to simulate navigation in the region, while encrypts data so that there is a complete stealth what circulates between your computer, and Internet servers.

dacloud Server list

Dacloud.me is a provider of SSL VPN / TLS, offering both confidentiality and anonymity as boating safety. It is not even able to read the titles of browser windows, much less read the cookies and cache. When installed on both Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android or iOS, you can configure it to use any of the servers shown above, exist within our zip files has each region.

dacloud connecting

Work with the OpenVPN client, which is open source, but client has its own settings for all supported servers, as you can see in the bottom catch.

Opt for speed, having multiple servers with 1 gig ports to ensure that they can access streaming video services smoothly, it becomes a great solution for Netflix from the United States, for example.

The annual plan costs $ 45, and there is a choice of affiliates that pays each member to refer you to their contacts successfully.