EyeEm “reinvented” your camera on iOS


EyeEm also adds to the launch of the new version of Apple’s mobile operating system, maintaining the goal of providing the best possible user experience, thus being so announced the “reinvention” of the camera its mobile application for iOS some useful features, the first of these Photostrip function, which allow users to capture multiple shots and select from the same one that has best captured the desired time, thus avoiding the need to “come and go” between the camera and the camera roll to check the results.

In addition, the new camera roll offer the greatest photographs, respecting the original aspect, avoiding crop part of the image, allowing users to choose the photo I was looking for. The last of the three main new features takes advantage of new iOS capabilities allowing eight exposure adjustments before taking the pictures, and there are three exposure levels to choose to adapt to the lighting conditions of the scene.

Apart from these new three characteristics EyeEm advantage of the new features of new iOS 8 launch interactive notifications, which will, among other things, to respond to comments, follow up new friends who have joined platform, or even send a picture to the new mission. We know that EyeEm Missions has a Gymkhana mode features, which invites users to participate in specific ways, taking on a new mission now available in collaboration with Airbnb.

This, EyeEm aims to improve the flow for capturing, editing and photographic selection, provide facilities to users through the various features.