Fleksy is ready to launch its virtual keyboard for iOS 8

Fleksy keyboard for iOS 8

Fleksy is one of the third mobile virtual keyboards that already has everything ready to start having available for iOS version 8 together to launch it. Recall that one of the features that brings the new version of Apple’s mobile operating system is the full integration of third party keyboards with the system, allowing users the choice between those who wish to virtual keyboards, after installing it, by selecting Keyboards option from within the System Setup options.

Fleksy allow users of iOS 8 Multiple customization options, from choosing among the three keyboard sizes to color selection, to increase the possibilities for customization through the purchase of additional items.

The application itself will be available at a price of $ 0.99, supporting a total of 40 languages, with the addition that the application itself will learn and adjust to the habits of users when typing on the keyboard. It should be noted further that require a period of learning, especially for those users who are accustomed to the default keyboard of the system, as there are certain key positions that are in different places.

It is a matter of hours that is released for iOS Fleksy 8, although the truth is that from now on, we will see new options to appear for this mobile operating system. In the meantime, have to wait and learn more about the iOS keyboard Fleksy for eight from their official website .