Treehouse launches its Android application and Swift programming language course


We have already spoken several times of Treehouse, a platform for online learning especially focused on issues of web design and development, with educational content can now be accessed via Android devices as just released their native application for the mobile platform, which can be installed on Android phones and tablets that have at least version 4.0.3 onwards. With this, students that have Android devices will now have access to videos of the courses, questionnaires, exercises and other materials wherever they are.

Launching the native application for Android, which actually became available yesterday but announced today, is accompanied also the announcement of the launch of the new course focused on the Swift programming language , Apple, also coinciding with the day of the launch of iOS 8 The company believes in that statement that its new educational offerings is one of the first complete video tutorials for this programming language designed for building applications in both iOS and OSX, even though Apple revealed that language program last June.

Remember that more than a year ago, Treehouse launched its native mobile application for iPad devices. With the growth of Android, was matter of time before the platform apostase by this system and by users who use devices that go under that system.