Hootsuite comes on iOS 8 to allow integration with other apps


Apple has decided to open its doors to other companies to integrate and communicate with the operating system used in iPhone and iPad, which makes android a long time and has proven to be an indispensable resource to send data from one application to another without having to copy and paste links or contents.

In this race to reach the latest versions of android, they have gained a new ally: hootsuite.

The aim with this extension created by one of the main protagonists of current Social Media allows applications via button “share” access HootSuite at the same time, offer the ability to send the content to different social networks, including links and photos.

We can now share a link on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter, to different profiles simultaneously, programming Posted in future shorten urls automatically. all the resources offered hootsuite mobile now directly in apple.

In company blog share animated gif that we show here that we can see the step by step for content sharing mobile social networks.