Larry Page wants to build cities and airports “Google brand”

larry page

A “Google 2.0” exit Internet, you leave the world of technology and begins to encompass other sectors such as the construction of cities and airports.

That’s what you have in mind Larry Page, as discussed in , a dream that goes beyond Google X projects (balloons that offer Internet access, flying robots to deliver packages, etc.).

This Google 2.0 within the company began a year ago, and has 100 employees working in the same observing mankind’s problems and seeking solutions. Building an efficient city and a model airport (where you can come, we flew in and out, like the metro) is one of the objectives, but for now they are just ideas that need to get out of the paper. A second laboratory research and development, called Google And to focus on programs, as indicated also need to theverge , where he would work on long term projects.

And Google seems to work. While thousands are dedicated to generating money and find new business models, others concentrate on looking far into the future, with the goal of putting more than a bit in our own evolution.