Twitter updated its iPhone application featuring a completely new design


Building on the launch of iOS 8-the latest version of Apple’s operating system Twitter guys have released an update to its iPhone application offering a complete redesign of the same, as the social network microblogging announced through In a statement on its official blog . This makeover of the app besides sit you a great time- offers a number of exciting new features that undoubtedly, the most active Twitter users will appreciate.

As mentioned, the new design achieves greatly improve the user experience. Among its features we can highlight that, from now on, it will be easier to explore the profiles of other users of the social network . The reason is that this new design focuses on highlighting the biography of the users, their tweets and pictures. Therefore, no more access any user profile, we can see both your profile picture and name, as his biography (so far, showed sliding your finger on the screen), all in one place.Another of the most striking features of the new design is that although we do scrollfor several minutes will always be shown at the top of the window are three buttons for quick access to tweets , photos and bookmarks account user that we are visiting . Furthermore, it has taken the update to squeeze the potential of the new operating system for mobile devices company Apple: from now on can reply to atweet , or bookmark it retwitearlo from the notification itself without access the application.

This new design will be available not only to users of iOS, 8 but which may also be enjoyed by users of iOS 7 . New profiles are being offered gradually, so that at the moment can not be seen by all users of the social network.