We make it easy to create bulleted or numbered lists in Google Docs

Google has announced via the Google Drive profile in Google+, which now users will have an easier time to create numbered or bulleted Docs, Slides and Drawings, by using keyboard shortcuts lists, which will prevent them from having to go to the options menu or toolbar to create these lists, improving workflow when creating their own documents in the designated services.

Just have to type an asterisk, a dash or any other element followed by the space bar to start creating these lists.

bullet n numbered google docs

Google indicates that this new possibility is enabled by default, but users who do not wish to use it, you have the ability to turn it off through preferences options.

A built-in today at the indicated change is that services will now also be possible to undo the changes made by the automatic corrector, including computerized lists, simply by pressing the backspace key. Google gives the example that if a user types C and automatic correction makes the copyright symbol by pressing the backspace key will be the letter C.

While there are no major changes, if they are details that enhance the experience of the users, can mean in practice added value over other editing services documents in Internet.