DuckDuckGo, search focused on privacy of users, has been blocked in China


Surely many of you have already heard about DuckDuckGo, the popular search engine focused on respecting the privacy of its users (not collect any information about them). This website’s popularity is such that recently even Apple announced the ability to set it as default browser on our devices with iOS OS X 8 and Yosemite, as we told you June

Now, as we read in TNW , it seems that the search would have been blocked in China, where we know that freedom of expression on the Internet absent.Indeed, the CEO of the company has confirmed the news on his official account Twitter , stating that he believes the blockade began to be paid a few weeks ago. For now, the real reasons behind this measure is unknown, since so far, DuckDuckGo was fully operational in China. Can the reasons are related to the enormous progress that has experienced the search in recent months , and that after all controversies arising in the privacy of Internet users, a large number of people have decided to start using the search engine, something that might have drawn attention in China.

So far, there has been no official statement on the reasons for blocking den, so remain vigilant to any kind of novelty