Microsoft renews Bing image search

From the Bing blog coming developments related to its image search, news that we will see in the coming weeks on their mobile and desktop versions.

They have been studying how people use their tool, obtaining data as “usually do two searches and see images about 6” also looking at using mobile devices. With this information three improvements we have concentrated:

Images : will improve the quality of the thumbnails and the resulting images, and in order to always show them the most relevant.
Suggestions and alternative content : Demonstrate photos related to the selected fields to prevent users move much down for images. They have concluded that almost never is desired when you have to use the scroll.
Actions : They will include new filters to refine a result set, will offer the chance to see collections obtained from Pinterest, they show resources to Retrieve images identical or similar. … actions designed to increase interaction.

This week we will work on the first change, and for that present a new mobile version.The image results are now extended to the full width of the screen, with the suggestions, ensuring (where possible) to find what you want in the first page.Thumbnails are not cut as before, and the result is a higher resolution.

bing image search

From tablets may photo carousels use swiping, and have focused on making the experience faster and smoother (yet have done for Windows 8 and iPad, Android and Kindle to arrive in the coming weeks).

bing image search2

Each image also include additional data linked to increase information about each image obtained.

You see, the image search are both priorities for Google to Bing. Too bad so little focus on the filters for licenses, to improve their intelligence to reach 100% guarantee that a photograph shown as Creative Commons so it really.