Microsoft will offer free extra space in One Drive iPhone users


Following the release of iOS August-the most recent version of the operating system for mobile devices apple company, many users have reported that installing the update, this requires a large amount of free space on the device. This is something that can be a problem for users with smaller devices since many of them have only 8GB capacity. While this update can be installed without having to delete any files (regardless of it would have), carrying out the process through a computer with iTunes installed on Microsoft took advantage of the situation to promote One Drive its file storage service in the cloud.

Through a post published on its official blog , and specifically for iPhone users, the software giant has announced that it will offer up to 30GB of free storage for users of devices with iOS installed . The reason, as Microsoft says, is that users do not have to delete a lot of pictures or applications from their devices in order to install a new version of Apple’s operating system. Microsoft offered this curious offer until 30 September, and to take it, you just have to download the app for iOS and enable automatic upload of pictures taken with the camera terminal . Once done, automatically get 30GB of free storage (base plus the other extras 15GB 15GB). Microsoft directs this offer iOS users with smaller devices, although he says that will be useful to the users of the new iPhone 6 models with greater capacity that they can take all the photos and videos you want without worrying about space available .

Although the promotion is intended for users of iOS, Microsoft has confirmed that all users of Windows Phone, Android, iOS or Windows already have the installed application, can benefit from increased capacity