Pictures taken with the Google Glass are automatically synced to the iPhone


Recently, the Google team has updated the iOS version of their application MyGlass (which allows you to configure and control the Google Glass from your wireless phone). With this update, users can take advantage of the application of a new and useful feature: the synchronization of images taken with Glass Google on their mobile devices.

Thus, whenever users of Google Glass picture taken with wearable software giant, the image will appear in any of the installed iOS devices you own. The goal of this new tool is to allow captured images the Google Glass can be edited and shared a much simpler way, using the touch screen of a mobile phone or tablet. Besides synchronizing the images with the application of MyGlass, these will also be available in a specific album in implementing Photo. Without any doubt, it is a most useful feature, which was already incorporated during the month of June in MyGlass version of Android.

Although we are facing a reserved feature the lucky few that have one of these gadgets, it is still interesting that Google offers this level of compatibility and ease of synchronization between marketed by its direct competition devices.