Pinterest will reveal its advertisers performance of its pins promoted


Throughout yesterday, the boys of options announced in a statement posted on its official blog that the new approach will receive their pins promoted, the main source of income for this network.

The measures taken will be of interest to advertisers, who may always know how profitable are your ads, and users who will get a higher quality advertising. To do this,advertisers can even know how many of the users who have bought a product did after clicking on one of the pins promoted as the social network will provide all this information. As users, they may benefit from advertising interest, since on Pinterest have in mind the brands that have shown interest in our history in the social network , with the aim of showing relevant advertising. As a result, we will not have to endure ads that do not interest us and all they do is distract.

This measure strengthens the advertising social network approach, approaching a similar to that of other major social networks like Facebook or Twitter strategy. ‘s social network updated its privacy policy on 19 October, when the changes take effect . For now, this will take effect only in the United States, although it would not be surprising that soon begins to spread to other continents.