Vidback mobile application to record video messages and get answers

Looking to be the new boom time Vidback ( ) is presented as an addictive app for iOS and Android based on the video.

Its operation is simple: record a video message format and send it to a friend. As fate would see, you have 5 seconds to decide whether to send a reply or not (also in video format). Whoever started the conversation can see the answer again and decide if you want to continue sending your video, taking another 5 seconds of time … well until one of them decides not to continue with the flow of messages.


Neither of the videos are saved in any place, they want the communication flows as in real life and not allow information to be stored within the device, remember causing much a modern version of snapchat.

Vidpack is available in multiple languages, requiring 7 in ios iphone and android 4.1 or higher.