Google introduces new feature that provides more relevant information in each result

google websearch snippets

Google does not conform to offer only relevant search results for our search queries, but now assume that each result also incorporate relevant and quality information that we can be useful by launching its new feature called Structured Snippets , just as announced in a statement . This new feature adds a fragment over each result provided information through its system Graphic Knowledge , with which Google has been able to evolve their search in recent years to what it is today.

Google gives the example of his new feature that provides additional information on a result when seek a camera “nikon d7100”, featuring some relevant features of it.Given this example, Google wants to make clear that this new additional fragment is intended to be useful in providing relevant information, where to get it, according to the press release, has been using machine learning techniques to distinguish the data tables on the website of the tables that are not of interest, plus the additional bound algorithms to determine the quality and relevance to display up to four data most relevant data tables.

The new feature has been the result of collaboration between Google Research team and web search engine in order to provide the most relevant information to the user.Google says at the end indicating that the quality of information vary across outcomes based on the contents of the page, so they are working to continually improve the relevance and accuracy of the data identified and displayed.