New Evernote update for Mac

evernote for mac

Attention Evernote for Mac users as an important update will be coming to an implementation of multimedia notes in the coming hours. In addition to technical improvements to sync stability and speed, also comes a bunch of specific functions presented recently at the Evernote blog :

Resize images: A click on a corner of an insert in a note image and then a drag to any internal or external point allow image resize so that it more comfortable viewing as as take the necessary time and device .

Best checkboxes: The check boxes are improved in appearance, are now bigger and cleaner.

New table editor: A more productive management which will be achieved with the new options available when trying to edit a table. For example, it is now possible to delete specific rows and columns, change the color of the cells or just resize them with just a drag.

Narrow your results by “relevance” is not enough to search through dozens of notes by date filters or keywords so the team Augmented Intelligence Evernote has given life to a new search option that will provide the best results by probabilistic relevance.

Spotlight Search notes: Press [CMD] + [SPACE BAR] from any open window on your Mac and start searching content within your notes without detach the keyboard because now everything is indexed by Spotlight.

In other news there is talk of a space “recent books” in the selector of books, a faster start of the app and reduced power consumption. Anyway, you can access the new version of Evernote update waiting whether you get them from the download site like Evernote has been since the Mac AppStore-for the latter could take some more.

Download: Evernote website