New version of Chrome on iOS and improved workflow for mobile applications in Chrome

chrome iOS

Google brings two new features on today regarding Chrome for mobile devices. The first of the new refers to the release of the new version of Chrome for iOS, which takes advantage of the new feature extensions, so you can now interact with other applications sharing content, and the second of the news focuses on the improved workflow development and WebView update to Chrome apps for mobile.

Focusing now on the second new feature, Google says Chrome apps for mobile is a project based on Apache Cordova by allowing applications to run Chrome on Android and iOS devices, offering native application layer around the application Chrome for distribution through Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. The new version of Chrome apps for mobile includes APIs for Chrome identity permission for the Google cloud messaging (GCM, for its acronym in English) and rich notifications, in addition to an improvement in workflow development and capabilities of modern WebView extended to earlier versions of Android.

Regarding the improvement of workflow development for Chrome apps for mobile, is much faster and simpler, because, says Google, developers will see a preview instantly in applications Chrome they are editing directly on your Android and iOS devices. Any changes made to your codes, you will see the result immediately. The live display is available in Chrome Dev Editor (CDE) and the tool command line applications for mobile Chrome.

Update Android WebView to enable KitKat indicates that pave the way for advanced features such as WebRTC, web audio and accelerated 2D Canvas, adding improvements with each new version of Android. For those who wish can take the WebView update Chromium on any device that runs any version of Android Ice Cream Sandwich from combining its application as a WebView Chrome Chromiun integrable, provided by the open source project Crosswalk.